A Single Drop of Creativity

Our team helps you to give spark of creativity whether it’s for marketing purposes or create a brand new Identity for your company. 


Identity Design

Print Design

Website Design (Front End)


Tagline & Jingle


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We gladly help you whether it’s on Graphic & Web Design or Copywriting brainstorming, concept-building or wire-framing your new or previous projects. Please contact us for more info.

Who We Are

Vasana Creative is a team built of Designers, Brainstormers, Content-planners, Copywriters, Illustrators and Website Programmers.

We have collaborated with various companies/institutions that is based in Indonesia, Australia, United States and Japan, where graphic and web design matters in their core business and marketing purposes. 

Our team’s design experience has been honed since 2001, while our proficiencies and achievements continue to develop while collaborating with our clients and fulfilling their gratifications. 


We are the one drop of creativity that opens up ripples of unexceptional results.

Our Clients

  • Battery Energy, PTY., Ltd.
  • Hosoda Nutritional 
  • OXA-Watchout-Triset
  • Solid Facility Services
  • Takari International, Inc.
  • Point Advertising
  • PT. Logam Bima / Panci Bima
  • Virtuose Artisan Cookware
  • Awards and Print Australia
  • Dwicahaya Sangkala Santosa
  • CRMS Indonesia


Perkaya SEO Dengan Copywriting

Seni membuat kopi yang baik sama seperti seni membuat copywriting. Proses yang teliti serta bahan-bahan yang terbaik akan menghasilkan rasa yang nikmat. Artikel ini adalah contoh dari jasa Copywriting yang kami tawarkan untuk anda. Mungkin anda pernah mendengar sebelumnya tentang jasa copywriting yang sampai saat ini banyak dibutuhkan sebagai komponen vital dalam marketing digital untuk …

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Vasana Creative

Current Head Office: Bandung – West Java, Indonesia | T: +62 81 2217 3355

Email us directly at : rkristia.madc@gmail.com