The Importance of Tagline

Recently, Vasana Creative is involved in a website and marketing tool projects from our client in Australia, Battery Energy PTY., LTD. They are a renowned company specializing in power generation solutions for medium to big industrial/commercial sites and projects such as railways, oil & mining and many more (you may visit their site here).

We acknowledge the importance of displaying the proper image for our client, thus leading to the principal rules of a sophisticated design: 

Copywriting ; First and foremost step to do while brainstorming our ideas and plans before the projects turns into a layout.

Layouting ; We create sketches and draft plan to roughly see how it looks before we apply the final touches, annotated in the last point:

Typography and Design ; The spark that we instill to the ideas that we and our client’s representative brainstormed. We elaborate every expertise, experience and knowledge into the project, resulting in one-of concept that preceding our expectations.

Tagline, as the title says, is the spearhead of our design. Without them, the individual (specifically our client’s customer) may not read throughout the whole pages of our work. The tone and sound of the tagline is matched with our client’s identity, personality and image, in order to reflect how professional the business is. By keeping it simple and easy to remember, we assist our client on displaying it properly to make it sound as it reads.

The cover screenshot of product brochure. Image is subject to copyright 

In the layout’s hierarchy, we want to make sure that first of all readability is the foremost importance that our audience needs. With proper placement and overlay type setting across the spread of the brochure, we are capable of directing the reading flow of individual’s mindset.

When it comes to continuity of reading towards the content of the brochure, title placements over header and jumble of texts must be set accordingly without sacrificing the readability and the legibility of individual texts. Thus, we came up with a solution to attract the key selling points at the top of the hierarchy (as titles and headers).

Inside of the brochure. Image and design is subject to copyright

A pleasant reading experience is somewhat one of our top priority, rather than create a non-functional yet attractive layout which sacrifices non-dynamic reading flow.

We are more than happy to consult on any projects involving copywriting, layout and design that is required for your business/company.